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The 12 Infallible Traits of Great Leaders

The 12 Infallible Traits of Great Leaders

Almost 10 years ago I was attending a leadership council meeting comprised of the “C” suite and associate owners of the business.  We had a single goal in mind – to pick a successor for the CEO/President’s position.  As we were discussing the traits we wanted to see in the next leader, certain traits went up on the easels in each of our working groups.  However, none of the lists raised as much controversy as the one that was crafted in my group. Imagine for a moment, being the youngest partner in the company (by a good 6-10 years) and […]
4 Ways I Should Have Support my Boss

The 4 Things I Should Have Done to Support My Boss

Have you ever worked for an absolute jerk? I know I have! In fact, as I was reading today I was reminded of a huge mistake I made as I lashed out in anger for a poor decision that my boss made many years ago. My behavior was immature and I reaped the consequences quickly.  My life was miserable! I was moved to a different position, I had responsibilities removed and I was put into a position that just made it easier for me to quit – so I did. Can you relate? Have you ever been in a position to […]
3 Ways to Leave an Eternal Impact on the Ungodly at Work

3 Ways to Leave an Eternal Impact on the Ungodly at Work

Have you ever wondered why God put certain people in your life?  Even more specifically, have you ever tried to understand why God would put the godless smack in the middle of your work day?  Or, what about when you have someone so overwhelmed by the grace of God that they start spouting off things they don’t understand? As a manager in a professional services organization, I can tell you that the godless and the zeal of a newly reborn Christian often raise more questions than they answer. Maybe you can relate in your work: The appointment setter that talks […]

What is your favorite story from A Rooster Once Crowed?

Aside from the Porch Story, this story from A Rooster Once Crowed, A Commentary on the Greatest Story Ever Told, is probably my favorite. "What you think abo.

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