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My Journey in Overcoming Chronic Dysthymic Depression with Patricia Jordan

Overcoming Chronic Depression with Patricia Jordan

Depression is both common and misunderstood. It is often the root problem to life’s bigger problems. We’ll be discussing Patricia Jordan’s experience and her advice for overcoming chronic depression. Join us June 21 at 10am to listen live or stream the interview over the internet. Web MD ( States: According to the National Institute of Mental Health, approximately 1.5% of adult Americans are affected by dysthymia. While not as disabling as major depression, dysthymia can keep you from feeling your best and functioning optimally. Dysthymia can begin in childhood or in adulthood and seems to be more common in women. […]
Loran Graham biblical values for investing

Loran Graham: Aligning investment choices to biblical values

As we sit down with Loran Graham of Deep River Books during the International Christian Retail Show in Atlanta this month, he will be sharing the opportunity to align investment choices to biblical values. By aligning to these values we can make investing part of our vital act of daily worship. A Note from Loran Graham of Deep River Books Loran Graham is a licensed CPA, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERâ„¢ professional, and independent wealth advisor in the Pacific Northwest. Loran and his wife are the parents of twins and live in Spokane, Washington. Connect with Loran Graham Online Website: […]
Kelley Latta Ministries

Kelley Latta Discusses Bringing Faith to Life Through Relationship

We will be interviewing Kelley Latta at the International Christian Retail Show in Atlanta where we expect to hear Kelley Latta of Kelley Latta Ministries share a special message entitled “Bringing faith to life through relationship, living empowered by God to fulfill your purpose”. Once the show is over and we’ve had a chance to produce Kelley’s interview, we’ll share on the radio! A Note from Kelley Latta of Kelley Latta Ministries Kelley Latta grew up in church and almost missed knowing Jesus. Now she is passionate about sharing God’s Word and helping others encounter Jesus through its pages. Her […]
Tory Humphrey helps small business with image & merges faith with work

NFL Player Tory Humphrey helps businesses with image while merging faith & work

Join us June 28, 2014 at 10:00am eastern as we hear Tory Humphrey of Project 1 Design share how God can be part of your business life as well as your personal life. A Note from Project 1 Design Project 1 Design, LLC was started in the spring of 2013 by professional football player Tory Humphrey. Tory has a Bachelor’s in Entrepreneurship from Central Michigan University. His minor in Advertising is what brought him to the world of Graphic Design. Tory has a creative mind and the ability to transfer the creativity from his brain onto paper or a screen. […]
Zachari Medina Missionography Around the World

Missionography Around the World

Join us Saturday, June 1 at 10:00am eastern as we hear Zachari of Helps Ministries share The opportunity to hear about what “Missionography” is, and how it is helping mission organization all over the world.. Join Us Liveclick to stream A Note from Zachari of Helps Ministries Zach’s work has been featured on local/national television, and print/magazines world-wide, working for clients including Part2Pictures (OWN Network affiliates) , Discovery Channel, SYFY channel, and famous british puppeteer/director Robin Stevens (Teletubbies, Boombah, Tots TV, and the feature film Labyrinth) In 2003, after finishing college developed Visionary Masters, a company dedicated to developing clients […]