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Paul Stout of Power Summit brings a practical approach to training

Paul Stout Brings a Practical Approach to Training

Join us with and Paul Stout of Power Summit to hear about how Paul’s continual interface with business leaders and key personnel provides us invaluable insight and practical experience. About Paul Stout Paul Stout is a devoted Christian husband, father, accomplished public speaker, facilitator, trainer, and business owner. Paul brings a lifetime of practical, hands-on life and business experience into the seminar / training and facilitation arena. From the age of 16, he has been delighting audiences with his unique style of dynamic presentation that blends serious subject matter with humor and sensitivity. He has proven leadership qualities and is […]
Randy Malchow Chapel Road Consulting

Randy Malchow to Appear in Studio

Randy Malchow Breathes Grace – Oh Abundant Grace! During our breakfast at the Asheville Christian Business Fellowship – I was struck by Randy’s understanding of grace for the business person. His story will sound familiar in parts & hopeful throughout. What you don’t know is that he’s been on a crazy ride with God for years & we get to hear his story! Randy Malchow comes to WGNW to Chat Join us online for Randy’s interview and be encouraged to step out in faith. Randy joins us in studio Saturday, March 15, 2014. Listen Live Now! From Randy Malchow… Chapel […]
Anne Lazo of Motorhead Advantage to share practical advice

Anne Lazo of Motorhead Advantage to Share Real-World God-Centered Business Advice

The blossom cannot tell what becomes of its fragrance as it drifts away, just as no person can tell what becomes of their influence as they continue through life. ~ Unknown Anne Lazo of MotorHead Advantage Shares a Bit of Her Story I lead a fairly simple life, always with the desire to walk in the will of God. I have a positive outlook and enjoy encouraging others to achieve their best. My faith in Jesus Christ comes first. After that, my family and friends are most important to me. I value them greatly, especially for the ways in which […]
Bobby Hayden Jr Cardboard Box Ministires

Bobby Hayden Jr to Discuss Life In Ministry & Hope for All

With hope for the broken & a truly grateful heart for his salvation – Bobby Hayden, Jr. will be joining us in studio this weekend. We’re going to be able to hear his story – where he’s headed & be encouraged by him stepping out in faith. Bobby’s Cardboard Box Ministries (aptly named for someone that lived out of one on skid row in Los Angeles for almost 10-years) focuses on spreading the Gospel through worship, teaching & ministering to everyone. His story & talent encourage others to find hope in Christ. About Bobby Hayden, Jr. Bobby Hayden, Jr. was […]

Lead Like Moses at the Office This Week

Have you ever thought of yourself like Moses? I know that I hadn’t until just this past weekend. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. Some of those that work with us are still held captive by the lies of this world. They have bought into the notion that work is about their own power – possessions & position all for their own purpose. Like Moses, those of us that are faithful followers of Christ are called to set these captives free. While we may do it with signs and wonder – which I would love to be […]