butter slime clear slime sparkle slime oh my

Butter Slime – Clear Slime – Sparkle Slime – Oh My…

Bradley here, with a little question for you…

When was the last time you really sat and watched a kid ‘create’?!

My youngest daughter has been in the ‘slime’ business for about two years now.  She’s watched every YouTube training or special recipe known to man.

She’s an expert! And…

When she’s in a particularly ‘creative’ mood – she’ll ponder the next big feat!

She’ll sit back and think….

Will it be butter slime this time?

What about transparent (crystal clear slime)?

Maybe, some glitter in this next batch?

After she plans, she begins the complex process of mixing a little of this and…

a little of that.

Then, as it’s taking shape – the grin gets bigger and bigger!

When I watch her create, I imagine the grin on God’s face as he’s pleased that his image of creativity flows through her so strongly!

… can’t you see the grin that must have been on His face when He was creating the earth (Gen 1:1-31).

He’s left a pattern behind for us to create.

He’s mapped out a perfect process to bring an idea to life.

When you read the first chapter of Genesis – can you see the Master Creator…

+ planning ahead?

+ not wasting any energy?

+ building systems that can easily reproduce themselves?

+ orderly… on purpose?

Isn’t this the pattern we should be following when we do our creative work in our jobs everyday?

I think so.

Go deeper – (Business Integrity Matters – Chapter 2)

Talk tomorrow,


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  • May 24, 2017

    Don’t see the kids, creating any more Bradley, but do see it happening more and more as the grandkids are going bigger and bigger….
    Kids, can bring you great insperation for any marketing plans or just give you some grear idea’s.

    Slime bring back alot of memeries for me tho, use to love that stuff…lol

    • May 24, 2017

      Hey Simon! Great seeing you here! A little of this… a little of that & wham!

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