The struggle is finally over!

Whether you are a business owner – ministry leader or a faithful worker, this study is for you! Use this structured study to work out Sunday’s message Monday thru Friday™.

Designed for Self Study or for your Small Group!

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Leading a small group? Don’t forget the Leader’s Guide!

Benefits of this Bible Study for Work

  • Learn God’s Perspective on work.
  • Understand God’s Plan for you & your business.
  • Apply Scripture to business relationships, leadership, operations, and more.
  • Build a trusted organization that will attract & retain more customers & employees.
  • Leave an enduring legacy that increases your impact on The Kingdom.

Take a Look Inside our Bible Study for Work

Session Discussion Topics
1 Introduction
2 Startups
New business lines
Organizing our efforts
Setting up the rules
Having a purpose
3 Leadership
Succession Planning
Multi-generational businesses
4 Obedience to God’s will
Motivating the team
Understanding the competitive landscape
Organic expansion
5 God’s protection of your business
God’s deliverance of victories
The merit of finishing well
Its about hearts and minds.
6 Consequences of leadership choices
The basics of hierarchical leadership
The value of godly women.
7 God’s standards for leaders
Threats of self-centered leadership
8 Resolute living at the office
Repentance at work
Living through an acquisition
9 Righting the ship
10 Transforming lives through our work
11 Teamwork
Your organization’s role in the Church
12 Taking your message to a new territory
Growing your business beyond its current boundaries


12 Sessions – These sessions walk you through each biblical era and help you pull out the business parallels. After understanding God’s plan for businesses & ministries – dive right in and start making changes today.

Small Group or Independent Study – This study was designed as a small group study. However, it is structured in a way that individuals can complete it and see amazing results. No matter if you are studying by yourself or others, get started today!

Commentary – Get the perspective of business owners, ministry leaders & faithful workers as you review the commentary of each section. Written as a natural extension to the interviews and discussions from the worldwide radio program “Business Integrity Matters”, you get to directly benefit from real solutions provided by real people to real problems.

Format – This 137-page study is available in both electronic and print form. The electronic form is instantly delivered in PDF format upon payment. The printed version is distributed through our fulfillment partner and will be shipped within 1 week of order.

Comprehensive Approach – We wanted you to get a lot more out of this study than some of the others that you have gone through. That’s why we’ve included worksheets and tools you can use in your business the same day you receive your study. In addition, we have a radio program, podcast, YouTube channel, and upcoming television broadcast to help you get more practical ideas.
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