Suffering The High Road…

I was just reading 2 Thess 1:1-8 and had a few observations:

As I read this bit of scripture, it’s clear that the “high road”, or God’s way, has some real challenges.  Those challenges are that others will persecute me or others trying to take the high road.  And, this persecution looks like:

1. Limited job opportunities because we’re not willing to bend the rules

2. Limited recognition for successes because we’re not looking for the praise or validation of our peers.

3. Being overlooked for promotions because we’re not willing to step on heads to get what we want.

4. Treated as a wimp because we don’t run a cut-throat team only focused on profits.

In this scripture, it’s also clear that we’re tempted to take matters into our own hands.  We’re tempted to “get even”, make a fuss, or to even bend the rules to get off the short list and stop the persecution.

So… what can I do today to fend off the temptation?  Also, what can I do to get in the right frame of mind when persecuted?

I think it’s about two things – a worldview and faith.  But, it’s easier said than done.  So, let’s take a minute and try to understand the basics.

The Worldview Issue:

The secular worldview says that our boss, our co-workers, our position, our work responsibility and our paycheck all determine our worth.  However, if we really focus on our worth, then we realize that we’re worth dying for – at least to Christ!  That’s right, if you’re co-workers and your boss are willing to lay their lives down for you knowing that you’re flawed now and will continue to be flawed until your body stops, then they might have more influence. But, they probably won’t do that. But, someone already did.  The sure bet is on what’s already happened, not what’s going to happen.

The Faith Issue:

This is where theory and action come together.  Faith is actively believing that God’s in control.  So, what can you do to be faithful? A few things…

A) Pray for your work.  Pray that they’ll understand that you’re trying to do the right thing and sometimes that’s hard.  Pray that they’ll see your faith and you taking the high road as a solid character trait from which they can rely on your behavior when times get tough. And, pray that God will soften their hearts against you.

B) Be kind and help your team achieve their goals and mission.  After all, you are employed specifically to help the company reach their mission.  If the mission of the company is wholesome and true, then working toward that goal as you take the high road only gets the team closer.  However, if the mission of the company and your team is unrighteous, pray that God would deliver you from there into another job that isn’t.

C) Make a change if needed.  I’m not one to tell you to suffer needlessly.  In a world of so many opportunities, there’s another job out there for you.  That means that every day, you have a choice about where you work.  If that choice has you compromising your integrity, and you’re not called by God to be in the middle of the fray (believe me it happens), then take action and leave.

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