Social Responsibilities of Business

Living Out the Golden Rule at Work

It’s More than Lip Service

Are you like so many businesses – overwhelmed by the notion that you have to adopt some sort of ‘socially responsible’ program to fit in? Or, maybe you are trying to make a difference but you are afraid of how much it might cost?

If this is you – we’ve got a great resource to help you go beyond the politics to real solutions!

  • Practical Solutions for the real world
  • Proven approach to honor God’s gift of your business
  • Relevant – “How to” apply Christian principles in today’s workplace without the threat of being sued.

Benefits: Social Responsibility of Business

Nowhere else can you find a better picture of how we are to run a business – take care of employees & honor our customers than the bible. With this book – you follow along step-by-step through God’s blueprint for business. As you apply these examples to your own business you get a chance to:

  • Honor God’s will in your life.
  • Build a trusted organization – to attract and keep great people & establish a steady stream of repeat business.
  • Leave an enduring legacy in future generations for a larger impact on God’s Kingdom while you are still here!

Beyond the Platitudes

Can I speak frank – I’m absolutely exhausted when I think about the loft platitudes that exist in church these days. The messages are fluffy – but they fall short in addressing the real challenges of living a Christian life at work. We’re continually bombarded by temptation to do – say & think contrary to what we believe in our faith. This book provides real examples of what you can do Monday morning to live out your faith at work.

Get the Book That’s Changing the World!

Read the book and finally merge your work life with your faith life. This practical – proven & relevant book hit Amazon’s top 50 for business ethics & Christian professional development.

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