Integrity, professional conduct and excellence are essential to ensure a high level of trust in our relationships, business practices & our member companies.

All of our members and advertisers agree to abide by the following Christian Business Code of Ethics & agree to operate their organization according to these Biblical principles:

  • I will seek in all ways to be Christ like in my attitude and conduct.
  • I will seek mutual accountability and spiritual friendships.
  • I will be a brother/sister in Christ to my fellow members.
  • I will never violate a confidence given to me.
  • I will provide a fair price.
  • I will provide punctual, high quality services & products.
  • I shall not speak uncharitably of anyone.
  • I will devote time to seeking the will of God through diligent study of the scriptures and through prayer.
  • I shall conduct business with integrity, in a manner consistent with Biblical Principles.
  • I shall train my staff to represent Biblical values and standards.
  • I will seek to resolve conflicts through a Biblically-based conciliation approach.

If you find that our member companies are operating outside this Christian Business Code of Ethics – please contact us as soon as possible so that we can help you with resolution!