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A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles: The Power of ‘You Can’t Make This Up Stories’

It dawned on me as we were packing up from a recent on-location filming that the passion I see in business owners and ministry leaders is due to their own face-to-face experience with God. The power of this experience emboldens them to surrender control to the Lord in their business and fundamentally transforms the purpose of all their activities. This experience is exceptionally personal and cannot be transferred completely. A Course In Miracles: Second Generations Are Book Smart As we get to know more and more leaders that have a heart for God in their business, I become more aware […]
Tory Humphrey helps small business with image & merges faith with work

NFL Player Tory Humphrey helps businesses with image while merging faith & work

Join us June 28, 2014 at 10:00am eastern as we hear Tory Humphrey of Project 1 Design share how God can be part of your business life as well as your personal life. A Note from Project 1 Design Project 1 Design, LLC was started in the spring of 2013 by professional football player Tory Humphrey. Tory has a Bachelor’s in Entrepreneurship from Central Michigan University. His minor in Advertising is what brought him to the world of Graphic Design. Tory has a creative mind and the ability to transfer the creativity from his brain onto paper or a screen. […]
Company Core Values

4 Steps to Establish Company Core Values

In a local business meeting this week I was struck by how little is understood of core values in different businesses. In today’s entrepreneurial landscape there is a tradition and temptation to want to partner with just about anyone that can help increase the number of potential customers in the top of your sales funnel. The temptation is easy to understand. Potential customers at the top of the funnel increase your chances of profit at the bottom of the funnel. This can sound very attractive if you are just starting out, trying to launch a new business line, or if […]

Lead Like Moses at the Office This Week

Have you ever thought of yourself like Moses? I know that I hadn’t until just this past weekend. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. Some of those that work with us are still held captive by the lies of this world. They have bought into the notion that work is about their own power – possessions & position all for their own purpose. Like Moses, those of us that are faithful followers of Christ are called to set these captives free. While we may do it with signs and wonder – which I would love to be […]
William Booker of River of Life Chiropractic

Walking in Loving Service at Work with William Booker

We will be joined by William Booker of River of Life Chiropractic on this week’s show! I’m excited by this interview because I have a special respect for William – maybe we’ll talk about our cup of coffee that God interrupted?! If so – you won’t want to miss it. About William Booker William Booker (“Dr. Will”) is committed to making an impact on the health of his community, and it starts one person at a time. Dr. Will graduated from California Polytechnic State University with his Bachelor’s in Anatomy and Physiology and set his sights on Marietta, GA as […]