Helping owners, leaders and faithful workers practically apply a biblical worldview to everyday business.


A worldwide impact for the Great Commission through the workplace.

Core Values:

Biblical worldview, grace, mercy, charity

What Makes Us Special:

Christian Business Coach Bradley Waldrop

Bradley Waldrop
Host, Holy Profits Radio
Business Coach & Founder

Our founder – Bradley Waldrop – has been on His walk with Christ in earnest since 1988 – with the same waxing and waning that most Christians experience. However, in 2009 he noticed that he was part of a broken system of businesses & leaders.  This broken community of leaders was so focused on building their own empires that they were willing to short-change their customers; their business partners; their employees & their vendors. He – like many others – was caught up in idolatry & it was starting to own him.

During the summer of 2009 – Bradley started digging deep into Scripture to try to understand how to redirect his own heart toward God-honoring businesses & leadership. This quest has only gotten stronger over the years. As a recovering Civil Engineer and corporate executive – Bradley set out to do it different. Since then, God has been moving swiftly and has blessed him with a vision for the bible as the CEO’s Guide to the Galaxy & a worldwide radio show focused on applying God’s word to work.

All this study has turned into tactics – systems if you will – that shift focus from how we would run our businesses to how God would have us run our businesses. Don’t get us wrong – God is results focused & so are we. Simply because you turn away from the way the world is conducting business doesn’t mean that you have to be poor or have to lose out of the blessings God has for you – quite the opposite. This is why we’ve developed this site – a site dedicated to changing the business worldview to see it as God designed it – honoring Him with each decision & worshiping Him for the blessings He has provided.

Business Integrity Matters Because…

  • It’s God’s Plan for His People!
  • It develops a culture of trust & trust is great business!
  • It allows you as a leader or faithful employee to build an enduring legacy…

We are humbled that you have dropped by & we are looking forward to getting to know you & help you honor God with your work!

May God richly bless you & your business!
-bradley waldrop

Follower of Christ & founder of Business Integrity Matters